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Utility Totes are the Best Totes

What is a utility tote?

Utility Tote bags are the newest version of the grocery tote bag.  Grocery totes are usually mid sized bags with small carrying handles for transporting small amounts of groceries from the store to your car or from your car to your house.  Often you would need to bring 6-10 totes with you to the grocery store. Utility totes are much larger, more robust with stronger bases and handles, therefore you can get by with way less bags and way more efficiency.

They are popular

Utility totes were made popular by the home sales company 31 gifts through living room sales parties of high end tote bags.  Their utility totes have sold over 13 million units since they were introduced in 2009.

They are strong

Utility totes have reinforced handles and often have metal wire or plastic frames built in as well, so you can really load them up with stuff.  I have carries over 80 lbs of stuff in my favorite bag.  Heavy loads of cans or meat is no match for a well made utility tote bag.  They are not only strong, but also durable.  My best totes have gone to the beach and laid in the sand and on construction sites to transport tools and more. This is not your grandmothers tote bag.

They are fashionable

Nobody wants to shop with an ugly tote bag.  Utility totes come in all sorts of fashionable fabrics and colors and can be emblazoned with your logo to really take it to the next level.

They are inexpensive

Utility totes hold many times more than a regular tote bag.  Regular tote bags typically cost between $3 and $10 each.  Utility totes are between $10-$20 each depending on size and strength, but because of their added size and value, they are worth every penny.

They are brandable

We can silk screen, heat transfer or embroider these bags depending on what will make your logo look the best and or last the longest.

See some of the options available here:

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