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Peloton Swag

Peloton Swag has taken the world by storm.

To continue along with our features on world class swag from world class companies, our next feature will be on Peloton. Peloton has taken a cool opportunity to brand all of their instructors who teach all of their rides.  They wear items like tank tops ($75) or crew neck shirts ($120) or Trucker Hats ($35).  Peloton has obviously created a serious brand here because a tank top that’s branded typically costs $10-$15 and they found a way to sell boat loads of them for $75. A crewneck shirt typically costs around $20-$30 and they are selling them for $120.  This type of brand loyalty is astonishing, but it makes sense the more you think about their brand and the way people passionately buy into it.

Come Ride with us

Whenever you take ride on a Peloton the instructor always makes deliberate eye contact with the screen.  They want to invite you to come on a ride with them.  I have also yet to be on a ride where the instructor was not decked out in branded swag from head to toe.  This kind of commitment to inclusion and branding is what it takes to create passionate advocates of your customers.  Ask yourself, do your sales team wear your branded swag to their sales meetings that you are giving out to your customers?  Do your front-line people “drink the Kool-Aid”?  I like to see all of my front-line customer facing staff buy into a brand in order to get your customers to see it and also want to buy in.

How do we do it at The Promo Addict?

At The Promo Addict we have an employee incentive program where we want our staff to embrace the idea of wearing branded merchandise on a daily basis.  Because of that we allow our staff the opportunity to access any of our corporate buying programs with preferred manufacturers. So, when we get a discount from Stormtech or Roots or Under Armour to buy branded items for our people, we always include our staff in the opportunity buys.  We also help cover the cost of a % of the item if they add our logo to it.  This helps get out people to buy into not only our own brand, but also the idea of wearing branded merchandise as part of their everyday wardrobe.

Special Event Swag

peloton black history

Coming up with special branded merchandise for different holidays or events is a fantastic way to create camaraderie amongst your people.  Whether it’s custom Christmas sweaters or Christmas printed t-shirts during the holiday season or like Peloton just launched, custom products for supporting Black History Month or International Women’s day, there are tonnes of great special days throughout the year that you can come up with custom merchandise for.  Let your imagination take you wherever you see fit.  The inspiration from Peloton that we really liked was how Peloton partnered with a collection of 4 black artists to come up with 4 sets of custom designed merchandise to recognize this year’s Black History Month and have been promoting rides through the app for people to acknowledge and recognize the importance of championing the black community.

Curated Swag Kits

Thank you gift Promo Addict

Peloton also launches curated swag kits for the seasons.  The spring kit out now features a towel, a hat and a water bottle. This kit comes in at a low low price of $115 plus shipping.  Kitting is a fantastic way to help people bring ideas together. Any of these items by themselves are a great little item, but when you put it all together in a custom box, now you have got yourself something a lot more meaningful and has a higher perceived value.  You also can colour match the items, match the branding for the season, event or opportunity and come up with a branding opportunity that is more of a lived experience (opening a kit and unboxing the items vs “getting a water bottle”).

Biggest Trends we See right now!

Using Peloton as our example of trendspotting, the biggest trends we see here are bright colours for spring.  There is a tonne of bright blue, bright pink, Coral colours with lots of contrast in the imprints.  Oversized imprints are also on trend.  We are talking about logos on the chest or backs of items that stretch all the way across a garment. Colour blocking either in the garment or in the logo is something that Peloton has done well. I like some of the way they change the colour of their logo on a single garment.