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RUSH Uniforms for COVID Vaccine and Rapid Testing Clinics

Printing in house is the next big thing in Promotional items.

The Covid 19 pandemic has created to much turmoil in the marketplace that it’s hard to fathom the true impact.  The cancellation of in person events has decimated the promotional products business in Alberta and across the globe, so its easy to be upset about the current situation.  We however are investing in the future.  We at The Promo Addict believe that printing is going to be the next wave.  We are putting our money where our mouth is too.  During this pandemic we have invested in no less than 6 new pieces of equipment to help us print logos in house, faster, better, and more efficiently.  We were recently put to the test.

The Test

The Fort MacMurray explosion of COVID 19 cases, specifically in oil sands sites has brought about a ton of challenges.  There has been a recent influx of rapid PCR COVID tests as well as increased supply and demand for Vaccines.  The Promo Addict was issued a challenge on May 5th to supply 400 uniforms for emergency responders to wear in COVID vaccination clinics in Fort McMurray.  The challenge was that we needed to deliver all 400 uniforms by May 7th, or we would not get the order.

Logistics, Stock and Staff

Luckily for us one of our strategic clothing suppliers had ample inventory of the blank uniform pieces.  So now all we needed to do was get the shirts and pants to our location with enough time to print all 400 uniforms and deliver all within 48 hours.  We ordered all the uniform pieces early in the day on the 5th with an early 9am delivery via UPS. This would give us the whole day on the 6th to press the clothing.  We anticipated that 400 shirts would take around 4-6 hours on our presses pending no delays in the shipment or anything like that.

Running 2 presses at once

We setup the printing on 2 presses at once and had our 2 most senior press operators just into action. Luckily, we have done a job like this before, so we did not need to wait on a lengthy proofing process, and we were able to jump right into production. We did have to use some creative ingenuity and extension cords to run both presses with social distance, but we managed to get it done.

Delivering 400 uniforms in 36 hours.

We successfully delivered the fastest rush uniform delivery in The Promo Addict History and got the uniforms to the oil sands on time.  Hopefully, this job will help to keep more people safe, and we can all work to move on from this together.

Faster Uniforms Means Better Branding, Safer Staff

Uniforms are a key way to identify staff, which can be challenging at the best of times when dealing with a pop up work site, but even more challenging with the prevalent use of face coverings.  Uniforms are a key identifier in determining who is allowed into staff only areas of a job site and helping customers or patients know who they can direct questions and expect service from.  We are proud that we got these uniforms out onto the jobsite in time for a speedy rollout of COVID vaccine and testing sites where they are needed most.