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Camp Chef and The Promo Addict

Camp Chef Case Study

Time for a Rebrand, you know who to call

When world class outdoor lifestyle brand Camp Chef was ready to launch their rebrand this year, they wanted to come up with some amazing lifestyle branded shirt that their people would fall in love with.  They knew exactly who to call!  We are a company that shares very similar values!

Their Value: Bring People Together, Our Value: Be Social

Their Value: Improve and create new products, Our Value: Find Great Products

Their Value: Share Good Times with others, Our Value: Team Focused

Their Value: Reinvent Camp Cooking, Our Value: Learning and Growing

With values on our side and a passionate leadership team who understands their marketplace it was time to start searching for the right shirts.

It Starts with Samples. 

The Marketing Manager at Camp Chef dug through his closet for us and sent us the brands and fabric contents of his 4 favorite t-shirts.  We wanted to narrow down to the right shirt that he could fall in love with before we even started talking about designs.  We arranged for 4 sample shirts to be shipped to him so that he could try on some samples to show different washing techniques, ink styles and overall cut and fit.  When you are ordering hundreds of shirts, you want to make sure that the people who get the shirt will be happy with them and not end up Branded in the landfill (Brandfill).  It only took about a week to pick a shirt. 

tshirt samples

North American Made wins the day!

Camp Chef is proud of their American roots, so it wasn’t a surprise that they picked a USA Made shirt.  They wanted subtle but prioritized branding, so we went with a subtle front print, a subtle back print and then custom tag prints on the inside of all the shirts as well.  When you are committing to a full brand refresh, why would you want to advertise for the t-shirt maker on the inside of your shirt?  These shirts are 100% Camp Chef. Made of 60% cotton, 40% polyester, these extra soft, long lasting shirts have a fashion fit and a unisex silhouette, so picking the sizing for hundreds of shirts was a relatively bell curve.

Timeline for delivery

We started working with Camp Chef in early 2021 and the timelines for delivery on these shirts is the start of camping season (May-June 2021), so luckily, we were ahead of the ball game.  Orders of this size, usually take about 4 weeks to produce, so we had plenty of time to do a proper fabric analysis, sampling, artwork and then production to easily hit their expected in hands date.