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Fluor Driver and The Promo Addict

Fluor Driver Case Study


What Hat?

We went with the Flex Fit 6277. This style is a full fitted hat that comes in a variety of sizes.  These hats are very popular amongst industrial workers. This is because of their comfort, fit and sizing.  They are also really easy to decorate due to the good quality fabric and materials that go into them.


How did you get that fine detail?

We used a special toner printer process. This allowed us to apply the fine printed toner to a transfer sheet and then transfer onto the cap.  Not only were we able to print really fine details in the imagery, it also allowed us to use full colour on the hats as well.  Showing off some of the red elements amongst the white is an important brand element for these Vigilance hats.

The Results!

The result of the work we put into coming up with these hats is that when they are given out on the job site, people are excited about them.  Not only are they sometimes worn at work, these hats can be seen at backyard BBQ’s and employee events as well outside of normal working hours.  Nothing screams employee pride like having them wear branded merch when they are off the job.