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Custom Uniforms: Why They’re Worth The Expense

Did you know that some of the first “uniforms” on record date back to the middle ages? Workers wore badges that represented the work they performed or their employer. These badges helped others easily determine the legitimacy of the individual who wore them… pretty much exactly like modern uniforms! Whether it’s your sales team, your office staff, or your technicians, working with The Promo Addict is the perfect way to develop your brand, team, and wardrobe.

Local Waste Services employees wearing various uniform pieces printed at The Promo Addict.

Uniforms: Why bother?

1. Credibility

Modern uniforms are as varied as the companies that use them. In today’s world of high-speed connectivity it’s more important than ever that your employees and your brand present a unified front. After all – first impressions and appearances can make or break a sale.

GFL Environmental logo printed on a shirt as part of their uniform program.
We’ve worked with GFL Environmental for years to create their uniforms!
(Shown: Logo Printed on T-Shirt)

Take, for example, McDonalds. Whether you’re hitting the drive through or eating in, you can quickly and easily recognize any employee simply from how they’re dressed (grease-stains notwithstanding!). Similarly, big box retailers use uniforms to ensure clarity about who to ask for products or information while browsing through the store.

The purpose of the uniform in these cases is to establish credibility. If your sales team is door knocking or you work alongside a range of companies on a single project, uniforms can help set your team apart from others. Ensuring that all-important credibility is established from the outset should be top of mind when considering a custom uniform program. After all, there are environments where a specific uniform does not inherently improve credibility. (Think Law Offices, Software Companies, etc.)

2. Belonging

If credibility focuses externally, then there is also internal value to adopting a uniform program. Studies have shown that how you dress can influence how you think. Dressing in formal wear presents a measurable increase in an individual’s ability to think abstractly. In the same way, wearing a uniform can foster a sense of belonging among one’s employees.

It’s important to note that the science is split on whether or not uniforms actually increase productivity. Research has found that while employees may feel a greater sense of belonging, 61% of individuals are more productive when the dress code was relaxed.

This obviously does not apply to all industries and environments. If productivity is your main concern when considering a uniform program, consider other avenues.

The Promo Addict Solution

If you’ve read this far and are convinced that uniforms are for you, then look no further! At The Promo Addict, we pride ourselves on our ability to offer outstanding customer service and #makegreatpromo. We have a variety of programs available that can be tailored to your specific needs!

Traditional Ordering

Fluor Driver Uniform. A shirt printed with safety-related words in the shape of a skull.
These VIGILANCE shirts for Fluor were an amazing project and showcase the versatility of uniform branding!

Traditionally, ordering custom products is a relatively straightforward process. When you need branded garments made, provide us with your logo and specifications of what you are looking for. We handle all the legwork of ordering on your behalf. This method is subject to order minimums and may not be ideal for smaller teams with low turnover/hiring rates, as the minimums can make ordering cost-ineffective.

Have a large team? Interested in holding stock, or simply do not need to order very often, this may be the method for you.

The Online Storefront

Storefronts through The Promo Addict are a new take on an old formula. With various types of shops available, we can custom-tailor the experience to suit your needs. In the past we have developed:

  • Ordering forms for large-scale industrial organizations allowing employees to order uniforms in a size they know will fit
  • Employee Recognition programs allowing employees to pick from a shortlist of gifts, customized with the company logo, for their 5, 10, 15, etc., anniversaries.
  • Stores for sports teams that allowed fans and players alike to order specifically chosen garments with personalization options

Whatever your unique needs, we work with you to build programs that not only increase your credibility, but foster belonging among your employees. With a wide range of products from hats and caps to Nike polos, get in touch today and we’ll work with you to develop the uniform of your dreams!

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