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Barbecue and Bourbon

You Need A BBQ Case Study


Barbecue and Bourbon go hand in hand. 

2 things that are very popular in the deep south are great BBQ and great bourbon.  They are often enjoyed together! So when You Need a BBQ in Sherwood Park was looking for a new item for their retail barbecue store, they thought that scotch or bourbon glasses would make for a great item.  We found these amazing Asobu on the Rocks glasses that come with a double wall insulator to prevent your hand from warming up the drink.  These glasses are great for serving all kinds of hard liquor or mixed drinks including but not limited to Old Fashioned’s, Manhattans, Whisky, Scotch, Bourbon, Rye, Vodka, Gin It also protects the glass from breaking in case of sudden impact.  These amazing little insulators feature the You Need a BBQ logo on one side and have been very popular with their customers.

If you can get your customers to buy your swag then you are helping to build their brand loyalty every time they go outside to enjoy a glass of Whisky or BBQ. These glasses come in a bunch of colours including wood grain, Christmas patterns, stainless, black, white and more.  The team at You Need a BBQ opted for stainless because of it’s timeless nature.