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Winter Jackets 2020

What Winter Jacket am I wearing for 2020-2021

When selecting a winter jacket there are a lot of considerations such as cost, warmth, water proofing, movement, and durability. As a jacket sales guy I also need to consider resale value, ie. Will my customers be willing to buy this jacket?  I want to make sure I am wearing a jacket into meetings that is affordable and good quality and value so that when my customers show interest, I can say a price and value that aligns with their expectations. 

This year we are going with KLO

KLO is a Canadian company with ties to textile manufacturers, fur tanners, sales reps and more all located in Canada. They have over 20 years of experience in design and manufacturing for major outwear brands with a vision for optimizing style and warmth factor with a high end but reasonable cost.

Which KLO Jacket are we going for?

The KLO line is small but mighty, they only offer 10 styles of winter jacket ranging in price from $189 up to $499 and available in Men’s and Women’s in every style.  We opted to go for the Jacket in the middle of this price point at $299, the Moncton Jacket.

Features of the Moncton Jacket

The Moncton Jacket from KLO s considered an Urban jacket, with an ultra light feel it provides the ultimate in warmth and luxury while also being very flexible for people on the move. The Moncton contains recycled fabric and leather trim and has optional synthetic fur accents.  It has also been lab tested to confirm comfort in -35 Degrees Celsius.  When you live in a place that regularly hits -40 Degrees and below it is important to have a jacket that can keep you safe on those long, lonely highways of Northern Canada.