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Christmas List 2020

So you decided to cancel the company Christmas/Holiday party.

Christmas time is the best time because you get together socially with family and coworkers to celebrate the year that was.  2020 is proving to be a different type of year altogether.  Gathering sizes are limited, spacing is required and masks are the new baseball caps of fashion. While some business are struggling and undoubtedly, some will not make it, there are other businesses that are setting record sales numbers and their staff are working harder than ever.  If you are one of those companies that is in the situation of great success and you are considering having a revised holiday celebration or cancelling your party, then here are some ideas for how to show your staff you still appreciate them without the ball rooms, prime rib and cab rides home.

High Value Physical Gifting

The average employee works around 2100 hours per year.  If you calculated about 10 cents per hour and put that towards their Christmas gift, they would get a gift worth around $210.  $210 can get your employees something truly awesome.  Think about their smiles when they get a beautiful Victorinox Watch or Shoulder Bag.  Think about keeping them warm through the winter with an amazing down filled Stormtech Jacket, from wearables, technology gifts and name brand giveways like Bose Speakers and Yeti drinkware sets. This is the space to really knock the Christmas gifts out of the park.

Re-allocating the Christmas party fund.

Most companies spend between $60-$150 per person on their company Christmas party for a combination of food and entertainment. The Promo Addict has partnered with our friends at The Craft Beef Company to offer Christmas parties at home.  For the same price as the party you would have thrown, we can have Alberta Beef mailed straight to the door of your employees along with some unique gifts to match like steak knives or BBQ tool sets to match.  We can also arrange for custom BBQ sauces and seasonings to aid in punching up the flavours of the at home meal.

Gifts for cozying up at home.

We have been staying home now for nearly 200 days, whats another 200 right?  Now is the time to make sure that people are more comfortable at home.  Some of our favourite at home items to really improve the liveability of your home include comfy throw blankets and tv blankets, custom candles and aromatic diffusers, not to mention self care items.  Gifts along these lines will really “perk” (coffee!) up your employees in the new year.

Gifts for individual people, no sharing allowed.

Often time corporate gifts are designed to be shared.  Think of the giant 2lb chocolate bars with the hammer that are designed to be touched by everyone.  This year I have a feeling we will sell a lot more individually wrapped chocolate bars.  The gifts in this category are designed to be given to one person and used by only that person. These can be items like edibles but also mittens, drinkware and more.