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UV Light Bottles

The other day I was cleaning my water bottle and I noticed a small spot of mold inside the lid next to the rubber gasket.  I was able to remove the seal, give it a good scrubbing with a brush and soap and put it all back together for regular use, but how long have I been drinking from a moldy water bottle?  Gross.  Well, it seems like moldy water bottles and bacteria in your water are going to be a thing of the past.  Asobu, one of our favorite water bottle manufacturers just launched an exclusive design of a water bottle with built in UV light that will purify your water and clean the bottle at the same time.

This new bottle, which was announced today is due to be in stock in August 2020 but will likely move fast given the current state of the world when it comes to Virus and bacteria reactions.  It’s available in black and pink in the first launch .  The UV light inside the bottle is said to purify water in 5 minutes and a single battery charge on the light will last upto 2 weeks with normal usage. These self sanitizing bottles do not filter your water, but instead rely on UV technology to kill waterborn microbes.

This bottle is similar to the retail versions that use the same idea including Larq, Crazy Cap and Mahaton but at a fraction of the price (these retail versions are $50-$100), the Asobu one is less than $40 each and includes your logo.

We don’t usually do single product blog posts, but this product is so cool that we wanted to get it out into the world as quickly as we could.