Chef Bombay Logo

Chef Bombay is one of the most highly prized makers of frozen Indian foods.  They are located right here in Edmonton and within the last year they went through a packaging redesign and rebranding.  Their food was reviewed recently by YouTubers “Reed Reviews” who called their Chicken Tikka Masala “great”, “a little too spicy for me, but 5 stars!”. Their new packaging is bold and colourful to match their flavours.  So when it came time to thank their staff for all of their hard work the past year, they wanted a product that would match their bold colours and high quality.

Our team searched for a product that came in a wide variety of colours and would be appreciated by office staff and plant workers alike.  Last year during COVID there were more people eating at home. Frozen meals became very popular, especially for people that eat out a lot when restaurants were closed.  So Chef Bombay was extremely busy and their staff worked extra hard. This reward to the staff at Aliyah Foods is something that they wanted to make sure could last a lifetime. We decided to go with an Asobu Urban bottle because of its bright colours and versatile branding solutions. The lifetime guarantee that comes with every Asobu bottle made it an easy choice.  The bright red colour of the logo pops on all of the colours of the bottle.  We know the staff at Chef Bombay are going to love their new custom water bottles.

Chef Bombay Case Study