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An Online Store: Top 5 Reasons You Need One Today

At The Promo Addict, we are constantly looking for ways to make our customers lives easier. Sometimes traditional methods of purchasing promotional products simply aren’t the best solution, so many of our customers are drawn to online stores that offer greater customizability. Whether it’s corporate award programs, uniform stores that take the guesswork out of sizing, or even public-facing ecommerce setups, online stores can help streamline your ordering process and take stress off your purchasing teams. Not convinced? Here’s a breakdown of the benefits:

During the Pandemic, we designed a collection of mugs that celebrated our essential workers, and released them for sale via an online store!
  1. 24/7 Availability
    Your Team, and your office, have working hours. An online store does not. Never miss a sale of scramble to find a good time to meet again, simply send them the link and let them shop on their own time.
  2. Limited Upkeep
    While the process of designing a store can be an involved one depending on your needs, once we take the store live we handle everything else. From ensuring it’s online to updating products and any other issues that might arise, we handle the upkeep for you. No more late nights wondering if something is broken – leave it with us!
  3. Multipurpose
    Want to let your employees choose their own milestone awards? Online store. Want to sell branded merch to your customers? Online Store. Need uniforms but don’t want to hassle employees to get you their sizes? Get an online store and let them order for themselves!
  4. Total Control
    With our online stores you’re in control of not just the products, but the prices you charge and the quantities ordered. We can pick-and-pack as needed or hold (limited) inventory on your behalf. We also pre-approve and proof all products in the store prior to opening so that you know for sure your brand will look good on everything it’s selling.
  5. Flexibility
    Does ordering promotional products stress you out? Have strict deadlines or need a recurring program developed Our online stores are customizable to take the stress out of ordering, and make sure you get a store that serves your purposes.

Now that you’ve gotten the crash course in the benefits, let’s walk you through what our stores look like and how you can customize them to fulfill any purpose you need! There are two main types of stores that we can develop, and the interfaces are primarily identical between the two:

  • An image of our online store interface
  • an image of the product description page of a The Promo Addict online store
  • An image of the product checkout page of a The Promo Addict online store

The Pop Up Shop

Great For: Team Apparel, Cyclical Uniform Orders, Employee Appreciation

Pop Up Shops are online stores designed to last a limited time. They “Pop Up” and then close at a time and date of your choosing, allowing you to control when orders start and stop. This system is an excellent way to facilitate purchasing for sports teams, new hires, employee awards, or as a way of hitting decoration minimums on a specialized order. All orders in the store are aggregated on the date of closing and sent to us to be ordered – no more waiting for product to trickle in over weeks!

For Employee Appreciation programs, consider creating a store and assigning them credits that allow them to pick from specific products based on employment milestones or bonuses!

Company Stores

Great For: Public Merch Stores, Uniform Stock Programs, Multi-Office Campaigns

Unlike Pop-Up Shops, Company Stores remain active indefinitely. Generally, these involve ordering product in advance and stocking it for when orders come through. These are a great solution for outfitting large numbers of employees or creating an ecommerce store for company-branded merch. They are also an excellent solution for organizations that want to streamline the ordering process for their branded goods.

For uniform programs, consider creating a store! This allows you to standardize uniforms across locations, and streamline the process of collecting sizing by enabling employees to select their desired size themselves.

Now that you know more about our Online Store offerings, contact us today to start your own!