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The Crow Creative Mugs

Crow Creative Case Study

The Crow Creative Mugs

The Team At Crow Creative was looking for a unique Christmas gift for their key customers. They came to us with the challenge of creating a promotional campaign that could be delivered on time, on budget and wow their very discerning clientele. Crow’s mission is to deliver consistent results, engage in innovative ideas, and be a reliable partner throughout the marketing journey and beyond.

The Strategy:

Take a bottle of liquor, and elevate this gift to a point where it stands out from the rest.  Zach and the team at Crow Creative Marketing found a bottle of spiced rum that was surprisingly delicious. They wanted to give this gift to their marketing clients. We thought it would be a great idea to pair the rum with a set of mugs. The idea was to create a gift set that would knock their socks off.  Taking black notes from the bottle, we chose a sleek black travel cup that would be perfect for hot or cold drinks.  The Crow logo was subtly etched into the mugs for a timeless and classy look that can go anywhere.

The Results:

This campaign was such a hit that people started sending pictures to Zach and us of these mugs in action! (no pictures of the rum in action).  We received a bevy of shots including the mugs perched on a river bed and before they were even removed from the beautiful gift box.  Kudos to Zach and his team for letting us play along on this amazingly successful marketing campaign.

Crow Creative