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Tesla Swag

I know you’re not Tesla, BUT……

I know that your brand is not Tesla, but they say that imitation is the highest form of flattery.  Tesla is the high-flying electric vehicle manufacturer that this year launched its own brand of tequila, in the past has done custom flame throwers, baby onesies and coffee cups.  Tesla knows no bounds when it comes to swagging up their brand.  I know you are not Tesla, so then why are you so protective of your brand?  If Tesla can loosen up the branding purse strings a little, then perhaps you can too.  Do not be afraid to have fun with your brand and make something that your employees will love.

Celebrating your mistakes and milestones

Elon Musk - Steel Ball. Bulletproof

Elon Musk famously threw a steel ball into the side window of his famous Cyber Truck bulletproof windows and shattered it, so now you can buy a “bulletproof t-shirt” on their website for $35 USD.

Bulletproof Tesla Shirt

You do not have to celebrate the most embarrassing things your company every did, but if you can match a piece of swag with a memorable moment in your company’s history, then it will become more cherished.  It can be a sales goal, a marketing project, a company trip or just welcoming people back to the office, all of these are great opportunities to celebrate with swag.

You Don’t need to be S3XY to be cool.

S3XY Tesla Hoody

Tesla has a complete line of clothing branded S3XY, from a $70 hoodie to a $35 t-shirt.  It doesn’t even have the Tesla brand on it:

The sleek black on black font featured prominently on the clothing fits the outlandish branding of the company.  So whats your company’s version of S3XY? It could be the opposite, they also offer a range of shirts with puff printed logo’s.

Tesla Puff Printed Logo

Imagine something classy and sleek like a tiny tone on tone 3-D screen printed logo on the chest.  It is so classy that it’s almost Sexy.

I am not Tesla, I like it to be subtle!

Tesla has that covered too, check out this white-on-white printed long sleeve shirt.

Tesla White on White logo

It takes guts to be this subtle, but guts shows confidence.  Guts means people will be more likely to want to wear your apparel after you give it out or sell it.  Do not be afraid to underwhelm in some of your branding, because being subtle can go a long way.  It does not have to be white on white, it could be your logo on the bottom of a coffee mug or printing the collar of a shirt.  It could be a QR code that goes to your website or a poem about your core values.  Do not be afraid to think outside the box to show your people you care.

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