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Made in Sherwood Park Masks vs. Overseas Masks

We did our first mask sale on April 8, in the weeks since then we have sold dozens, then hundreds then thousands of masks per week.  We have run into and over come supply chain issues.  We ran out of elastic, we ran out of fabric, we ran out of thread, we even ran out of sewing machine oil, but gosh darn it, we overcame!  Everyone that has ordered a mask through our mask shop at has gotten their masks in the promised timeline.  We continue to sew masks in Sherwood Park and Edmonton every single day and feel like we have it under control.

More help is on the way!  Masks are starting to land in the next 2-3 weeks from Overseas via boat shipments.  This means the market has stunning variability.  Masks that were made overseas and were being air freighted in that were selling for upwards of $20-$30 per mask are now available via boat and can be bought (if there is stock) for wildly variant prices ranging from less than a dollar per mask up to the previous range of $20-$30 per mask.

Our locally made masks are still available for the prices ranging from $8 each for over 100 blank down to $12.99 for 1 piece minimum.  This one piece minimum mask sales business has been amazing for us because it has provided an outlet for sales to the public for what they needed, however we are anticipating getting back to business of making logo’d masks very soon.  So with that we are launching our logo’d mask pricing for made in Sherwood Park masks here.

5-19 logo’d Mask: $22.99 each

20 masks with a logo: $18 each

50 masks with a logo $16 each

100 masks with a logo $14 each

250 masks with a logo $12 each

500 masks with a logo $10 each

The pricing above is for our made in Sherwood Park Masks.  We believe in supporting and shopping local.  But we also know that the overseas masks are about to change the game, so here are some great options that you can buy locally from us even though they are sewn overseas:

The Pleated Eco Mask: this mask is made overseas and has a 50 piece minimum.  We expect stock on this mask to move fast because it is priced between $8.67-$13 for 1 color decoration depending on how many you buy.  It includes a filter pocket, elastic ear loops and 2 layer construction. This mask is made of a poly cotton blend of recycled polyester and is lightweight and breathable.  1% of all sales are also donated to 1% for the planet.

These sublimated full colour face masks are made with microfiber which is both hypoallergenic and anti-microbial (still non medical though!). The around the ear binding has a soft polyester lycra binding for just the right amount of stretch.  These masks have a low 50 piece minimum and range in price from $7.50 up to around $10 each.  The quoted production times on these masks is 2-6 weeks because the manufacturer is having a tough time anticipating demand and with these low prices, we expect it will be up around 6 weeks or more quite quickly.

We have seen masks being promoted heavily in the $3-$5 price range recently, but we cannot in good conscience promote them yet because we need to see samples and confirm supply chains first.  Our go to market strategy has always been and will always be MAKE GREAT PROMO and we will always confirm quality because we sell something just because it costs less, so if you are looking for bargain masks, shoot us an email and we will arrange for you to get samples, but we can confirm the masks listed here are very competitive in the market and will represent your company well or look good at your family reunion or wedding where you find social distancing to be more challenging.