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New Year, New Website.

Happy New Year!  We decided to start the new year with a new look.  We didn’t rebrand, but we did work to clarify how we represent ourselves through our website.  Our old website was very product focused with a search tool that was our focus.  What we learned in the last 4 years though was that as much as people love searching for cool promotional items, that’s not why they keep coming back to us. The reason people keep coming back to us is the “About Us page”; people like us more than our products.

So, with that revelation, we decided to remove product search from our website and instead focus more on the ability to start a project or start a rush order.  We believe that when we work collaboratively to come up with a custom presentation for items is where we find the greatest success, so that is how we have rebuilt our new site.

This year we plan to grow through 3 main avenues:

#1 Mockups. We get asked all the time to mock-up/create virtuals of what a product will actually look like.  This is a key to closing a sale because it helps people visualize what they are actually buying.  So this year our goal is to do twice as many mockups as last year.

#2 Company stores.  People like shopping online, so with our new company stores options, we plan to help organizations keep their brands consistent by offering pre-curated company shops for easy ordering online.  We currently offer over 20 company shops and by the end of the year I expect to be offering more than 100. 

#3 Fast turnarounds.  You have an event this week and you forgot to order something? Call us or click “Rush Order” on our new website because we have over 1000 items that can be produced in 24-48 hours.  We also have in house production that can produce things like t-shirts, jackets, name tags, hats and more in the same day!