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Top Vegas Products 2020

We brought home the best of Las Vegas for you! Browse our list of top Promotional Products in 2020 from the largest promotional product expo.

Here is a link to our Marketing Shop so you can view all the items and start planning for your next order!

In no particular order, I give you the best of Vegas 2020:

1. Welcome to the Wheat revolution!  There were so many products made from wheat infused plastic at the show that it was hard to see them all.  The word on the street is that plastic is bad and items grown from the earth are better, so the underlying idea behind wheat plastic is that you take wheat straw and grind it up and mix it in with plastic, so you end up with a product almost as strong as plastic but use 50% less plastic. We saw well over 50 items made out of wheat plastic but some of our favorites were:

  • Sunglasses
  • Utensil sets
  • Wireless Charging Pads
  • Emoji Face Pens
  • Desk Top Mugs
  • Travel Mugs
  • Camp Mugs
  • Straws
  • Lunch containers
  • Tumblers
  • Cups
  • Bluetooth Speakers
  • Lip Balm
Water Bottle with built in Dog Bowl

2. The Dog Water Bowl water bottle.  This unique fun water bottle is great for taking your dog to the park.  It has a large capacity so both you and the dog can drink from it, but don’t worry, you don’t have to share the bottle directly because the bottom is a removeable silicone dog bowl.

The Dirty Cookie® Cookie Shot

3. The Dirty Cookie.  While I am not a fan of the name because it’s basically just a shot glass made out of cookies so I don’t know whats dirty about that.  This product surprised me. I would compare the volume of cookie to that of a cupcake, it is quite substantial.  So despite it’s higher price point at around $5-$7 per shot glass, they are fairly reasonable to shock and awe your audience.  Just put them out and fill them with baileys or milk to bring an instant smile to your customers or employees face.

Silipint Base Glass - 100% silicone

4. Silipint.  The silipint has made our list in the past when they just had pint glasses, but this year they launched a whole new set of shapes and sizes.  They also incorporated a line of lids to make the silipint able to accommodate travel mug capabilities.  My favorite is their “Base” cup with a lid because when I’m camping it’s the perfect whisky glass at night and a water or coffee cup all day.  Silicone really is amazing.

Sheet Mask

5. Bathroom products.  Some trend experts at the show were saying that the bathroom is people’s favorite room of the house.  It used to be the kitchen, but now with the prevalence of Skip the Dishes and Door Dash etc. type services people are gravitating towards the bedroom and bathroom, so there was a prevalence of bathroom products on the show floor. We saw a fun line of Sheet masks, under eye hydro gels, nail polish strips and tooth brushes to just name a few that would be sure to get taken home and put in your clients favorite room.


6. The Montado Cork and Linen journal at the show really put the showcase on sustainability.  The matching wheat straw and cork pen (are we seeing a trend here?) that comes with it is the perfect accent for this completely sustainable product.

Split Recycled 3pc Travel Pouch Set

7. Recycled 3 piece travel packing pouch set. When we sell this product 1% of all the sales goes to 1% For the Planet, a non profit that is dedicated to protecting the planet. Great for travelling to help start offsetting that carbon footprint.

Stress Buster

8. The Stress buster was such a delightful surprise that when I squeezed it at the show I literally jumped because it’s expansive action scared me a little.  I didn’t expect to see such a large reaction of the ball exploding out of the creatures mouth, but the smooth hand action and delightful look that it has is truly one that will cut through stress.  This product is so cool and is hitting shelves soon, so I wouldn’t be surprised to see more stress balls of this style start popping up, if you’re interested then act fast because the first run is guaranteed to sell out fast.


9. The Smash Duffel is the ultimate travel bag.  It’s a duffel bag that can pack into a really tiny pouch for use after you travel or get to your destination.  It is also available in a backpack format.  I was surprised when I saw how big it was and how small it could pack.

Post-it® Extreme Notes with Custom Printing

10. Who would have thought they could reinvent the Post-it.  Well they did it, 3M is so amazing they should start calling themselves 4M.  Introducing the post it-Extreme.  These are post its that are designed for outdoor use.  They can stick to frozen or wet products, they can be applied in the wind and the rain.  They truly have to be seen to be understood.  If you work in a freezer warehouse and need to apply temporary tags to items or are a painter that wants to tag wet paint or something along those lines these Post-it extremes are perfect for you.


11. The Slippy is a resusable woven cup sleeve.  I know what you’re thinking, reusable cup sleeves are very common… but not like this they aren’t.  These cup sleeves are made from recycled ocean bound plastics.  That is plastic that is harvested from the ocean or beaches directly, not the recycling plant.  This plastic was literally litter #literallylitter . They take the plastic and have it spun into yarn and then they can make it into a variety of products, but for me the best one was the coffee cup sleeve because it’s a product that I could see myself using.  We have a sample in our showroom if you want to come take it for a test drive yourself.

12. Following the Slippy quite closely is the Asobu metal kuzie sleeve.  This double walled insulated metal Koozie basically turns any paper cup into a comparable stainless travel cup with the flick of your wrist. This innovative sleeve has double wall insulation so it will keep your hot drinks hot longer and your cold drinks cold longer while also protecting your hands.

Lip Balm

13. Shea Butter Lip balm in a box.  This year in Vegas people were boxing everything because it makes it look more exclusive.  It really does, people would way rather get a product in a box than just be thrown an item.  I liked this shea butter lip balm because it is an extremely high end lip balm and the box is fully customizable, because you end up with a product people assume is worth $8 instead of $1 but it really only cost you $4.

Button Lamp

14. The button lamp from Panther Vision.  This tiny little LED with build in switch is very tiny, inexpensive and long lasting.  Perfect for electricians to install on power panels to give you some light on the panel for when the power is out or just any time since those things are always in the dark.


15. Reusable produce bags are something that has been around for a while if you were willing to buy 2500 at a time but recently a line of mesh produce bags with a 100 piece minimum hit the market.  I think this is the next wave of reusable bags in grocery stores as people are starting to get used to bringing their own totes to grocery stores, bringing your own produce bags is the next big thing (you heard it here first).

Boots with Fur Lining

16. Shoes with a 1 piece minimum.  We have been able to do custom Vans, Converse, Toms as a 1 piece minimum for over a year (it was a top product last year) and it went over very well for a couple of customers.  But now we have a very good line of your branded shoes that come in for far less money per pair and they also have a line of custom work boots and fashion boots with the fur! They are custom cut and sewn on demand, so your logo will not be cutoff at weird spots and we can do very cool custom designs.

Prang Soy Economy 3 Pack

17. Soy crayons.  Beeswax crayons are great, but the bees are in trouble so a lot of manufacturers are moving towards either Stockmar which contain about 50% parrafin wax or these new soy crayons which write just as smooth with none of the environmental impact.

Bagito Original (100% rPet fabric)

18. Bagito, the bag made out of 100% recycled PET fabric. This shopping bag can fold down into a pouch that fits neatly in a pocket, fanny pack or purse. We also donate a portion of all proceeds from the sale of Bagito to the Bagito K-12 literacy project. Learn more here.

Tuck and Toss

19. The tuck and toss.  This bag is similar to the Bagito in that it folds up into its own pouch, but it also is made of ripstop polyester making it very strong and long lasting.  With the ability to carry 4 jugs of milk in 1 bag I believe your arm would give way before this bag would. Made in the USA of the finest materials, the tuck and toss is an amazing product for anyone who loves to shop.

Light up logo water bottle

20. Light up logo water bottles? Yessir. Why? Because we can.  Last year light up logos were all over the place, but I feel like that trend was not as prevalent at the show with regards to new products this year, but this was the one product I feel highlighted it very well because people don’t often affiliate water and electricity so it was surprising and nice looking, 2 things I always look for in a promotional item.

16 oz travel mug with matching lid

21. The earth cup comes from a company attempting to buck the wheat straw plastic trend.  They decided to make their earth cup out of naturally growing organic bamboo fiber and a silicone lid.  The spill topper is in the shape of a leaf which I thought was super appropriate as well.

Flight Flap Pro - Dye-Sublimated Phone Accessory

22. The Flip Flap Pro.  Last year you may remember we featured the sky clip as the ultimate travel accessory.  We still love that product but it struggled to hold iPads and larger devices.  This new product from Snugz USA is a fully moldable flap that packs flat and then can support tablets, phones, books and more for travel.

Die Cut Stickers

23. Stickers!  We have all sorts of shapes and sizes and smells of stickers, the other day we tweeted a list of the dozens of scratch and sniff sticker scents.  But did you know that we now have no minimum on stickers?  Please oh please don’t ask us for 1 sticker, but if you need it, you bet we can do it.

24. Pic journals are the evolution of the journal.  Featuring hard cover front and back with fully digital customization plus the ability to change the band color, customize the internal paper fill in any layout at 100 pieces minimum, That means the journal game is about to get turned on it’s head and we are at the forefront of that with our new journal offering.

Wrapping Paper Sheets

25. Custom wrapping paper. Boxes are expensive, so if your product already comes in a box, perhaps you just want to pack it with some custom tissue paper or wrapping paper on the outside. Going down to as few as 25 sheets of paper for wrapping or 10 reams for tissue, we are sure to be able to find the right solution for you.

2' EuroFit Incline Wall Kit

26. Euro Fit Banners are the ultimate tradeshow display with no springs or retractors like a traditional pull up banner.  These banners are made of fabric and they just slide over the snap together metal frame.  These come with a  1 year warranty, but with proper care, there is no reason they won’t last a lifetime and make your tradeshow displays look amazing.

PenPal - Penholder

27. The pen holder is a tiny plastic piece with an elastic loop.  At first it’s almost too simple, but upon closer inspection it’s a great way to up your branding with this cute little 4 color process piece.  It allows you to add a pen loop to any book or journal, you could also attach it to a tablet or smartphone as a stylus holder. A great item for restaurants that use iPads or electronics to take orders.


Ember Ceramic Mug

Back in 2017 I predicted that this next item would start to pop up in the promo industry.  It took a year longer than I thought it would but here it is! The Ember coffee mug has more battery life now and comes in a bunch of different shapes and sizes than it did in 2017 as well.  This mug is designed to cool your coffee off to the perfect drinking temperature fast and then hold that temperature for hours. We also saw at least 2 different knocks offs, but nothing beats the real thing.

Silken Medium Gift Box

29. Silken Gift boxes are very cool, they can be decorated all over including direct print on the top, inside and sleeve wraps, but the coolest thing in my opinion is the lasering of the interior foam.  Designed to hold a line of exclusively made in Canada power banks, these boxes are also made in Canada and a great way to highlight their amazing power packs.  You can put any product into them for a small upcharge.

The Awesome Mixtape Speaker

30. The 80’s are back!  So back in fact that I feel like the 90’s are just around the corner.  This Bluetooth speaker is all of the nostalgia with it’s A Side B side mixtape speaker.  Great for working out or relaxing in your backyard, at the park or the beach.  Make sure to take home all the style points with this throwback item, sure to grab attention.

Basic Full Color Fanny Pack

31. Speaking of the 80’s it’s time to jump back on the fanny pack wagon! There were so many suppliers that have come out with a line of fanny packs. I found the fully sublimated front and back fanny pack from LimeLight to really stand out. These are cut and sewn in the USA to bring your brand to life 80’s style.

32. Stamped chocolate is cool, chocolate printed with edible ink is cool, but this year for the first time we saw milk chocolate printed with white chocolate.  The definition on these prints was vivid and attractive.  I have a number of vendors that I can buy chocolate from, but this one really popped.  Lifelike images in delicious little chocolate squares in beautiful retail style packaging.

Belkin USB Wall Mount Surge Protector with Cradle

33. Charging cables are prevalent in the promo industry right now but because they always change, they are hard to keep up with. The USB end of the charing cable hasn’t been updated in years though, so let’s start focusing on the wall end of the charger!  These Belkin brand wall mounts turn 1 plug into 5. They include build in surge protection and have built in fast charging technology.  I always take one of these when I’m travelling and have 2 in my house, why not show off your logo on it?