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Fire Retardant Face Masks

FR Face masks are proving to be a high demand as mask bylaws continue to sweep across Alberta.  We have stock of FR Facemasks today and can add your logo to them in a rush if necessary. FR means that the fabric used to make a piece of clothing is self extinguishing, so upon removal from an ignition source, it will not continue to burn.

Where are FR Face Masks Required?

People who work in hazardous work environments are often required to wear PPE to protect themselves from hazards on the jobsite. Oil Sands sites, Diamond mines, Manufacturing facilities, Refineries, Pulp Mills, Utility Linemen and more require fire resistant or retardant  (FR) clothing to protect against things like arc flashes, flames, explosions and other potential hazards are starting to adopt face covering requirements like we are seeing in many municipalities across the province.

Where are they Made?

Edmonton has some great options for manufacturing/sewing FR materials on demand.  Because of this close manufacturing, we can get FR masks quickly and add your logo or emblem on demand. We have a network of manufacturers in Edmonton, Calgary and Red Deer, plus if demand exceeded our supply we could also manufacture at our office in Sherwood Park as well.

What are they made of?

Most of our FR face masks are made of 2 layers of Nomex or other FR rated materials like Indura, Ultrasoft or other Westex fabrics.  The face covering themselves are the most critical element for FR and then elastic are used for the ears of the mask.

Will 100% cotton face masks do the same thing?

NO! While 100% cotton offers better protection than poly cotton blends, cotton fabric can and will catch fire and continue to burn when exposed to an ignition source.

Will this mask protect you from the corona virus/COVID-19?

These masks are considered Non-Medical masks and are not intended to protect you from the Corona Virus, if you need specific protection for that then we recommend an N95 mask.  These masks are intended to protect you from Fire and other hazards and are intended to be worn in situations where you cannot maintain 2 metre distancing and you also cannot strap a flammable piece of cotton to your face.

I need some FR masks who should I call?

You can call our office at 780-400-8404 to get a quote or you can email us to [email protected]