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Fall Jackets

Embrace the Fall Spirit: Employee Jackets Make Great Giveaways as We Approach Late Summer!

As the summer season gradually fades away, it’s time to look ahead and prepare for the cozy days of fall. Matching team jackets and gear helps create a sense of camaraderie amongst team members and elevate the spirit of giving within your organization. In this blog post, we’ll explore the reasons why now is the best time for your Employee Jacket Giveaway and how it benefits your valued workforce.

Early Access to Fall Essentials:

By conducting your jacket giveaway during late summer, you ensure that your employees have early access to stylish and comfortable fall jackets. As the weather begins to cool, it’s essential to stay prepared for the changing seasons. Providing your team members with jackets ahead of time ensures that they can seamlessly transition into the fall season while looking and feeling their best.  You will also get access to all of the most fashionable choices and new released from the most trendy jacket suppliers, including Stormtech, North Face, Spider, Under Armour, Holloway, Columbia, Champion and more.

Fostering Team Unity:

Your Employee Jacket Giveaway is not just about receiving a cozy garment—it’s about building a strong sense of unity among your employees. The act of giving away jackets as a corporate gesture fosters a spirit of togetherness and camaraderie. As team members receive their jackets, they’ll feel a deeper connection with the company and appreciate the thoughtfulness behind this meaningful giveaway.

Customization and Personalization:

Unlike buying generic jackets for employees, your giveaway allows us to offer customization and personalization options. By involving your team members in the selection process, we ensure that each jacket reflects individual preferences and styles. Personalized jackets not only enhance employee satisfaction but also promote a sense of belonging within the company.

Boosting Employee Morale:

Employee morale plays a crucial role in workplace productivity and job satisfaction. Your Employee Jacket Giveaway acts as a morale booster, showing your employees that their hard work is valued and appreciated. As they wear their new jackets, they will carry the pride of being a part of our organization, enhancing their overall enthusiasm and dedication.

A Corporate Gesture of Appreciation:

Beyond being a functional item, the fall jackets symbolize your company’s appreciation for its employees. A well-timed and thoughtful giveaway like this demonstrates that your organization cares about the well-being and comfort of its workforce. As we approach the fall season, your team members can embrace the corporate spirit and showcase their pride in representing your brand.

Whats Trending this Fall?

For this fall we are seeing lots of new trends.  These include leather and metal accents on jackets.  The preppy or collegiate look is also going to be very popular.  Gone are the days of the basic softshell.  Now, people expect a softshell to feature contrasting striping, feature pockets.  Fleece is also making a comeback.  The eco conscious marketplace has made a fleece a wildly popular option again because many fleece options are made from recycled water bottles.

Take a look at some of the upcoming jacket options for this fall here: