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The Value of High Value Gifting

If the person who buys from you makes 300K per year then their time is worth $136 per hour.  How many hours per year do they spend researching your items, buying them and working with you? While giving that person smaller meaningful gifts is a great way to keep them loyal, often times those gifts are not very memorable and do not last very long compared to how long you want the client to last.  What would the reaction be if you gave them a gift equal in value to 1 hour of their time?  This opens up a whole new avenue for gifting.  A $136 gift for a buyer that makes 300K per year can capture their attention.  When a buyer maker a million dollars per year, why not give them a $500 gift? I’d be willing to bet that their account is worth far more than that per year to you.

When you reach for the sky and focus on high value gifts like name brand items, high quality lasting products and meaningful items you can really impact someone’s perception of you.  Sometimes this requires a little bit of research to find out who their favorite hockey player is, so you can get them an autographed jersey or print (yes we sell those).  Perhaps they have a favorite restaurant, so you could pair a chef’s table experience with a nice set of kitchen knives, delivered at the meal. 

The trick to these items is to understand what your client loves.  You don’t want to just throw money at them; ie. Don’t buy a Dyson vacuum cleaner for someone that doesn’t clean their own house and don’t buy an expensive bottle of wine for someone that doesn’t like wine. 

In the age of social media, its easy to research what most people like and come up with a giveaway to really knock their socks off.  We have done this on behalf of some of our key clients and come up with gifts such as: high end Salmon fishing reels for a special fishing trip, camping coolers for summer, framed prints of sports, custom liquor bottles, Rachel Ray cookware for the kitchen, Bose and Sonos Speakers for homes, Oakley Sunglasses for vacations, Custom Shoes for sports events, a custom Pitboss Grill for a giveaway and more.  The options are not just limited to promotional items, we have access to premium incentives from Retail as well.  Let your imagination run wild or give us a call and let us brainstorm and research for you.

Don’t feel limited to just giving away amazing coffee mugs and pens, open your eyes to the world of high value gifts and you will stay in your buyer’s thoughts for way longer.