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Stocking Uniforms

I just got a call from a customer that said “my whole site order is on hold waiting for 2 sizes of oversized coveralls, I need to ship this complete, do you have these sizes in stock?”…. I ran back to the warehouse and sure enough I had 13 pairs in stock, I was able to decorate them and ship them out in 23 minutes from the time I took the phone call.

Uniform Stocking programs are a service that we have been providing for close to 4 years. Over that time, we have implemented online stores for on demand ordering, min max levels for uniform pieces with auto re-orders. Pick and pack services, transfer stocking and more. Every program is different, which is why they are typically not built overnight.

We recently reorganized our back room to incorporate over 2400 square feet of racked storage space for uniform and pick and pack program order space.

What is the difference between a pick and pack program vs a uniform program?

Pick and pack is when we stock items here, whether it be coffee mugs, jackets, note pads or pens and then we take orders on regularly scheduled intervals from authorized users for those items. By having items in stock it lowers the minimums required per order to 1, because there is no setup or printing involved. This is a great store option for companies with multiple locations that want to be able to distribute their products across the country without having to deal with ordering the minimum for every location.

A huge advantage of pick and pack stores is that you never have to deal with backorders, production delays or rushed timelines, because all we must do is put your product in a box and ship it! (there is a little more involved in inventory tracking and billing, but it is less for you, the customer, to worry about.)

Uniform Programs are usually built into an online store where we do not necessarily stock the blank products on site, but instead we just stock the decoration. This type of program is great for companies with dress codes requiring corporate logo’d apparel. Pants come in dozens of different waist sizes and inseam lengths, so instead of stocking the pants in every size, we just bring them in on demand and add your patch or logo when they arrive. This reduces the amount of capital employed in having inventory of pants and therefore reduces your costs.

If you think an online store might be the right fit for your companies promotional needs or the store you currently have doesn’t offer the functionality of stock on demand, then give us a call because we have the expertise and experience to launch stores quickly and efficiently so that you can service your customers or employees with great promotional items fast.