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As spring gets closer and your new years resolutions fade further and further away, now is the time to re-invigorate yourself and keep the dream of a new bathing suit body going. We have seen a huge uptick in health and wellness related promotional items this year.

We recently worked on a project for portion control kits as a healthy eating giveaway for a large corporation. They wanted a lunch kit that would inspire people to bring properly portioned meals. We came up with this awesome lunch kit that had included a branded utensil set, a branded lunch bag and 3 nested portion containers, each with markings clearly showing marked capacities. This will allow employees to be more mindful of not only bringing their own lunch to work, but how much food they are consuming throughout the day. These sets go really well with most popular health and fitness plans like P90X, Insanity, 21 day fix or any of the programs from

Another way to push health and wellness is getting people to drink more water.  How much water? Well if it’s going the way water bottles are trending then the answer would seem to be; only a little bit more.  Tiny water bottles are becoming very trendy, the smallest one I’ve seen is 200ml and advertises itself as a “Diva Bottle”, there is also the “Skinny Bottle” and the “Mini Hiker”.  These bottles are just enough to get you through and are small enough that you could carry them on an airplane and fill on demand without taking up half your travel bag.  

So whether you are looking to launch a healthy eating program or a drink a little more water campaign or just have an eye catching, vibrant giveaway for your staff or customers, any of these products would be well received by the recipients.