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Retail Shopping Bags

Would you like a bag with that?

This is the question that every retailer asks every customer when they make a purchase.  Bags are an amazingly convenient and inexpensive way to package items when purchased at retail.  We have made everything from disposable t-shirt bags right down to reusable utility totes and souvenir bags for museums.  Bags are not going away anytime soon.  They can be disposable, reusable, made from recycled or reused products and more, so the versatility is endless, I even sell a bag that is designed to turn into a kitchen rag when you’re ready to dispose of it.

What do disposable bags cost?

We produce a wide range of bags for all different prices, but the least expensive bags we have done recently were $0.13 each for OXO degradable white grocery bags, and that was for 25,000 bags, which a big retailer can fly through in a week.  We also produce a nice paper bag for a local barbecue store that are around $1 each. You will notice that both bags are degradable because we truly feel that disposable bags should have the smallest environmental footprint possible, because not every purchase requires a reusable bag and if you want the most convenience, then disposable is the way to go, but the earth should not be what pays for your customers convenience.

What do reusable bags cost?

Using our strategy of “Make Great Promo”, we will not sell disposable bags made from reusable materials: ie. A reusable bag that only costs 50 cents and will never be reused.  Or goal is always to educate the customer on how many times a bag will likely get reused and how many times it can be reused.  Some reusable totes cannot be washed, and others are designed to go through the laundry dozens of times. We know that bags are not going to last forever but having an understanding of how long your bag is designed to last will help manage not only your own costs but understanding the impressions it will achieve before its end of life and its impact once it hits the landfill.

Where is the best place to buy branded shopping bags?

Shopping bags with your logo are a great way to make an impression on your customers.  They can be ordered through The Promo Addict or through several online retailers.  When working with us, there is value in that we have a network of trusted factories that we have been working with for over 10 years.  Our purchasing power and volume can help us get industry best pricing on your job, so that you can keep your costs in control and make sure you are getting a quality product for your shop.  We have also worked with hundreds of customers to produce everything from tire bags, to souvenir bags and retail bags, so in that time and experience we have taught many customers how to approach bags as part of the shopping experience, not just something you throw their items in as they leave the store.

What types of bags do we make?

  • Paper bags – great for the environment, renewable, sturdy
  • OXO degradable Plastic bags – inexpensive, biodegradable, reusable
  • Cotton bags – washable, very strong
  • Polyester bags – washable, inexpensive, lightweight
  • Nylon bags – smashable, lightweight
  • Laminated bags – looks like a Lulu lemon bag
  • Denim Bags – high fashion, very durable and flexible
  • Canvas bags – extremely durable
  • Neoprene bags – great for the fridge, packing a lunch and more
  • Ripstop bags – will not rip
  • Full Color Polyester – great for complex full color logos
  • Vegan Leather – looks like leather but not made from animals
  • Tarp – tarpaulin material, so waterproof and strong
  • Clear Vinyl – great for getting into sporting events and concerts
  • Grid Vinyl – great for sporting events and concerts and stronger
  • Leather – made from animal hides, very durable.