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Outdoor Games

In down times it’s hard to stay engaged and even harder to find things to do to disconnect.  Before this pandemic broke we did an order for one of our customers for custom Canadian made cribbage boards.  They just arrived, in the middle of the pandemic.  The timing is perfect, because crib is a great way to stay busy during self isolation.  However, because you have to be next to someone to play crib and you have to hand cards back and forth it’s best to only play with someone that you are isolating with. 

Custom games are proving to be a more popular item right now, we have lots of options including bean bag toss games like cornhole, ladder golf, outdoor darts, Yahtzee, chess, giant jenga, giant dominoes and more.  I have a feeling that when people start moving around more and want to get out of their house, these outdoor games are going to take people away from the crib boards, but in the meantime, I bet you wish you had a custom deck of cards and a custom crib board like this customer does!

Stay safe and isolated for now, but when you are ready to to get outside and play this summer give us a call to order your own fun outdoor game with your company logo on it.