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It’s that time of year again! Every year we get to experience the fun and excitement of the PPAI Expo in Las Vegas to find the latest and greatest promotional products to share with our amazing customers. This year the entire Promo Addict team went down to the show. It’s a great opportunity to meet our suppliers face to face and find the new buzz worthy items for the year. I know you’re excited to find out what we saw so here you go, I give you our Top 20 items from the show!!

1. Ugo Bags


Travel in style with this custom travel luggage!  Available in full size or carry on, this cool piece can have custom accent colors, full color branding, 1 piece minimums and built in TSA locks.  Great for executive gifts or sales trip incentives.  When we were flying to Vegas for our trip, we had 4 matching travel bags and we had 2 people stop us to comment on how awesome out bags were, and they were both airline employees!  Those people know bags, so if you want the ultimate bag, give UGO bags a try! 

2. Lightup Hoodies


With a low 6 piece minimum and available in a variety of light up colors, these light up accent hoodies are great for people working outdoor events or nighttime parties.  They are sure to grab people’s attention no matter the environment, a very cool piece that is guaranteed to stick around in peoples closets for years. They are powered by 2 double A batteries too, so the LED’s will keep burning bright long after the first set of batteries dies.

3. Strideline Socks

Their tagline is “the most comfortable sock on the planet” they are also willing to back it up with free samples for qualified buyers, give us a call to see if you qualify for a free pair!

4. Watercolor Paint Sets

Whip out your Q-tips, these water color paint sets are a very low-cost way to keep kids busy and not too messy.  These full custom coloring sheets have built in paint swatches that can be used in any setting. Awesome for parade giveaways or doctor’s office settings we have a bunch of stock designs to choose from or we can do a full custom sheet.

5. Golden Ticket Chocolate Bars

Charley and the chocolate factory had it right, everyone loves hunting for a golden ticket, so why not give them the chance with your brand.  All of the ‘losers’ will still walk away with a delicious chocolate bar, but the people fortunate enough to get a golden ticket might just win one of the next item and then love your brand forever (see selfie drone!) 

6. Selfie Drone

Definitely a “buzz worthy” item for high tech, low minimum executive style gifts. These selfie drones take a little bit of learning to fly, but once you get the hang of it, you can do fly-by’s of your coworkers and take all kinds of pictures or video with the high res 720P camera.  It folds down to fit into your pocket, so the versatility of this drone is pretty amazing.

7. One Off Backpacks

A cool way to have the illusion of full custom without the high minimums. And domestically sewn. Put together in California in as little as 72 hours, these bags have full color pockets or straps, a great way to really make your brand pop with backpack wearing type millennials.

8. Wireless Charging Stations

The future of charging in that you don’t need to worry about cable size so they fit almost all phones. Spoiler alert, attend and you may just have a shot at winning one of these bad boys.

9. Pixsweet Custom 3-D Printed Freeze Pops

Your logo, but 3-D printed as a delicious ice pop!  Similar to item #20 on our list except less highlitery, this branded ice pop will definitely have people lined up at summer festivals and events where people just need to find a way to chill out.

10.  Panther Vision Lighted Toques

We live in a province that is dark all winter so a lighted toque makes a crazy amount of sense and they are not that much money for how awesome they are. The directional light that comes off of these is great for using in construction or home projects in dark areas or even something as simple as taking a walk down a trail where you don’t want to blind everyone you come across.

11.  2UNDR t-shirts Made of Modal

A t-shirt that feels like underwear and has a really nice drape.  I can’t wait to get a sample myself. These shirts are made from mostly Modal and they are not cheap, because who wants to wear a cheap t-shirt anyways!?

12.  USA Knit Headwear

Knit Headwear, Beanie or Toque – whatever you decide to call it. Domestically made, inexpensive and fast turnarounds, a winner on all fronts.

13.  Webcam cover

Even mark Zuckerberg uses a webcam cover, so why don’t you! You never know who has access to your webcam, so cover it when it’s not in use, webcam covers are great real estate for any brand because you are literally right in front of your clients eyes all day long with a very low cost.

14.  Aviana Water Bottle

Possibly the next big thing in water bottles! Since there is a water bottle company threatening legal action for people that “knock off” their bottles, companies have been innovating with different shapes.  There is something about the Aviana that just rings true for me.  I loved it from the minute I untwisted the cap, it just feels nice.

15.  Custom Vans and Converse

Name brand, branded shoes with no minimums. Last year we put no-name branded shoes in our top list, but we now have access to Vans and Converses, taking it to a whole other level for 2018!

16.  Custom Boxes/Tissue Paper

Taking your gift giving to a whole other level with custom packaging! Giving someone a coffee mug is nice, but giving them a coffee mug in a custom box or bag lined with custom tissue paper, now that’s a gift worth remembering!

17.  Made in Canada Steel awards

Amazing steel awards and gift ware that is made in Canada and unique to your own brand. We have written entire posts about made in Canada products, because we as a country should try harder to support people who make things right here, so this is your chance.  Your next award or gift item would be a beautiful water jet cut bowl made right here.

18.  Reversible Hoody

Two completely different sweatshirts in one awesome hoodie. A great gift for teams that have home and away jerseys or a super messy eater that spills a lot… messy people need this.

19.  Pitch Fix 2.5

Taking divot repair tools to a whole new depth since they launched the 1.0, this 2.5 version is all kinds of awesome. 

20.  Ice Pop Highlighters

A FUN way to present one of the most popular office tools, as an ice pop comes in 3 colours.

21.  BONUS ITEM: Sticky Mount

Great for taking selfies or group shots., now you can mount your cellphone to any flat surface. Trying to read that recipe from your phone or iPad…. mount it on the cupboard in the kitchen.