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Health Care Mug

After the success of our Stay Home Mug, we were asked by people who can’t stay home to design a mug for them.  The front line workers in Hospitals are the true warriors of this pandemic, so in a small token of appreciation, we designed the Health Care mug with iconic imagery of the tools used in and around hospitals to keep us all safe.  A portion of the proceeds from this mug will be donated to the Royal Alexandra Hospital Foundation and the Stollery Childrens Hospital Foundation.

At the Promo Addict, we have been sponsoring the annual NICU fun run for babies in Edmonton for the past 5 years and our support of local hospitals and all that they stand for will not waver through this trying time.  We hope that these new mugs will show our front line healthcare workers how much we care and make them feel appreciated.

These mugs are going to be printed with here in our Sherwood Park office using new printing technology that we purchased in order to help us bounce back from the turmoil caused in our business by COVID19, so when you buy a mug, not only are you supporting at least 2 great local hospital charities, you are also supporting our small business, so thank you for buy one (or more) of our locally printed mugs.

If you would like to inquire about buying a mug but avoiding the shipping fees or for bulk purchases (for your whole hospital unit) please email [email protected] and we will send you a quote.

Health Care Mug