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Kid Friendly offices are becoming the new norm.

Last summer we had planned a BBQ for some of our local customers, so we ordered 500 custom freezies. Needless to say the weather turned, it wasn’t very warm that day and now we have 488 custom freezies in our freezer. Some would see this as a bad thing, but I see it as an opportunity. Now whenever our staff or clients bring their kids to work, they get a freezie. Consequently, now my kids beg to come to my work. Turns out that kids will eat a cold treat even if it’s -40 outside, they love them. They also don’t expire because they are just fruit juice and they are frozen.

We love having swag on hand to give to our customers, and now we have items at the ready for young and old alike. If you want to see what we have on hand for adults, stop by, bring your kids and we will spoil them too!