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Firefighter Uniforms

We spend a lot of time selling cool new promotional items to our customers, but one of the items we sell that makes us the proudest is our uniform programs. Uniforms are intensely personal for employees. They often have to wear them every day, so they expect them to be quality, comfortable, effective and affordable, not to mention decorated in a way that is professional. We sell uniforms currently to Waste companies, building management companies, food companies, cleaning companies, colleges, RV dealerships, Car dealerships, emergency responders and more. Uniforms don’t have to be for every day either, they can also be for special events, sales, celebrations, holidays or even company softball teams.

The best part of uniforms in my opinion is their functionality. We sell uniforms to fire fighters featuring Job shirts. If you’re not familiar with that a Job shirt is, it’s basically a heavy cotton sweatshirt with surprisingly functional pocket locations. They are very popular with EMS and Fire fighters as a more casual uniform piece that is highly functional because of its fire resistance, warmth and pockets.

The unique thing about the job shirts that we sell however is that the department we sell them too wants to identify the rank of the firefighters who wear them and most job shirts do not have epaulette holders. We have access to some of the best tailors around, so we enlisted their help and made custom epaulette holders to install onto the job shirts. We also put Velcro on the chest so that they could install Velcro name bars for the fire fighter to be able to personalize their uniforms. While these levels of customization aren’t exciting for everyone, for this particular fire fighting department, they are critical pieces that were not available in the regular market, so they loved our custom offering.

Since we created this custom offering, we have also been supplying them with the Velcro name bars, epaulettes and shoulder flashes using FR metallic threads which are very cool.

So while it may not be a water bottle with a built in Bluetooth speaker, the uniforms we provide to this Fire department are something that help keep the men and women safe, comfortable and appreciated more than a promotional product ever could.