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Fabric Face Masks

Yesterday the Government of Canada and Alberta both discussed the value of wearing face masks when going out in public.  Because there is a global shortage of single use masks many governments are recommending guidelines into the use of non-medical masks such as fabric masks. 

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The Promo Addict is uniquely suited to help you source non medical masks because many of the masks are made out of the same material as a t-shirt.  We have been working with Canadian made t-shirt manufacturers that are now pivoting their business models to produce medical scrubs and non-medical face masks.  The production on non-medical masks is quite labour intensive, so many factories that were producing tens of thousands of t-shirts per week are only able to make about the same volume of masks.  The new working conditions of social distancing and safety are definitely limiting production of masks.  With 38,000,000 people in Canada and garment manufacturers doing their best, I still believe there will be a real shortage of fabric masks in the near future.  We have been in touch with 4 different factories and have placed an initial order for a few hundred masks.  Yesterday Dr. Hinshaw in Alberta recommended that if you are going to wear a non-medical cloth mask that you carry a bag of them with you so you can replace them if they get damp or dirty (if you do not you could put yourself at greater risk of infection), so these masks that we are bringing in are sold in 6 packs of either large or small.  Right now the lead time through our preferred manufacturer is only 1 week, but we have other factories running much further behind as demand picks up.  So while we do have incoming inventory, we do recommend ordering asap to get what you need.  Please only order what you need and let us know if you want more so we can place a special order and maintain a small stock for people who need the masks in a pinch.

You can see the guidelines for Alberta here:

And order masks from us here: