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Elevator Policies for Companies in High Rises and Apartment Buildings

Safe elevator etiquette is more important than ever due to the Corona Virus.  Social distancing in an elevator is not possible because of the confined space and the realization that you might get on by yourself but if that elevator stops at another floors, anybody can get on with you.  One of our downtown customers just implemented a mask policy for riding the elevator.  If you work for this company, you must wear a new mask for each elevator ride.  This company of 16 people bought a stock of 75 masks and they intend to give each employee 4 masks and then have a few extra just in case.

Does your company or building have an elevator policy? We have been working hard to spread out workspaces but the population and working density of buildings with elevators makes that more challenging.  Here are 5 tips for how to ride an elevator safely during COVID.

1: Wear a mask when you ride the elevator.  This will contain your breath and prevent spreading germs if you need to cough or sneeze while riding.  If others wear a mask as well then there is less chance of spreading the virus.

2: Use a key, key chain, or tissue to push the buttons. If you push the buttons with your fingers then your fingers could potentially be contaminated with Corona Virus from previously touching the buttons, using an implement to touch the buttons limits the risk of exposure.

3: If someone gets on the elevator without a mask: politely get off and wait for the next elevator or ask them to wait for the next elevator for your protection. 

4: Stand near the wall and do not over crowd the elevator.  Even if everyone is wearing a mask, it is still best to try and distance yourself from people by 6ft wherever possible.

5: Try to ride the elevator during non-peak hours.  By going into the office early or leaving early (or late) you can avoid the high traffic times on the elevators and keep everyone a bit safer.

If you live or work in downtown Edmonton, then please reach out to us to buy one of our made in Sherwood Park masks, you can go to to buy one today. We have stock available for fast and rush orders, so do not wait because if your building implements a mask policy and you don’t have one, you might be stuck taking the stairs!