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In Case you’ve been hiding under a rock for the past 2 days, this next blog post is to tell you a little more about indie go go promotions, crowd funding and how promotional items play a key role in their success.

2 days ago the team behind the movie Super Troopers (Broken Lizard) started an indie gogo campaign to raise money for their sequel.  They asked their fans to help raise $2 million.  They did in just over a day….. how you ask?  Well it helps to have a crazy following of former college students that are now 10 years out of college and have disposable income, but more importantly, they offered their fans limited edition promotional items to promote their fandom and the movie at the same time.

$55 for a t-shirt? No problem, they have sold over 3400 in just over a day.  $75 for a promotional super trooper badge? 3490 sold so far.  $100 for a poster? Yep, 2134 sold so far.

There are tonnes of other options on there, but that’s $187,000 worth of t-shirts, $261,000 for promotional police badges and $210,400 for posters.  All great promotional items!  Fans will love these items long ater the movie comes out and feel like they were a part of the production.  Some fans are paying more to actually be part of the production, but that’s a whole other blog post.

There are tonnes of indie go go campaigns that use promotional items to reward fans for their support, it’s an amazing way to thank you fans using inexpensive but long lasting products that will allow you to devote most of the money to your cause of campaign.  Because while $55 for a shirt might seem crazy, the fans who are buying them should expect a $5 shirt and then an amazing movie.  Nobody wants an amazing shirt promoting a terrible movie, so let’s hope broken lizard puts the money to good use and blows up a couple of cars and chugs a lot of syrup right MEOW.

Go check out the campaign here: