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Company Stores available now!

The Promo Addict is excited to be launching a new function available through our website for online company stores, popup shops and marketing shops!
These new company stores are easy to setup and make ordering seamless for all of your employees stakeholders and fans. We setup a marketing shop to show off some of our top ideas for summer, feel free to click in and take a look around here

Shops explained:

Marketing shops: these are designed to promote seasonal ideas and artwork is uploaded at checkout. Every order placed is a standalone order.

Pop Up Shop: These are timed shops for things like uniform programs or holiday gifts where people can choose their size and submit their orders individually. The orders are aggregated after the shop closes and placed as 1 order all at the same time to achieve volume discounts.

Company Shops: 
These are stores with pre-curated products and artwork for companies with multiple locations that want to allow different individuals to order the same products for just in time delivery. Frequently re-ordered products also work great with these types of shops.

If you are not sure what type of shop is right for you, let us know and we can work with you to go over your order history and needs to see what is right for you.