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Carry Out Bags

As restaurants pivot to be take out or curb side pickup only in Edmonton they still care about the quality of the food.  When Skip the Dishes, Uber Eats and other delivery services pickup food they put the food into reusable thermo insulated bags (how often do they clean those bags? That’s a whole other blog post!), to keep the food hot until it gets to the persons house.  On carryout orders though, most restaurants are using plastic bags and foam containers or plastic containers inside the plastic bags.  Where are OUR insulated bags?  Well, The Promo Addict to the rescue!  We have found a number of options for thermo insulated to-go bags.  We have bags with aluminum lining for as little are $3.50 per bag based on a minimum order of 70 pieces.  This would be a great addition to an order for a restaurant and the conversation would be easy: “for an extra $10, would you like to add out reusable thermo bag to keep your food fresh until it gets home?”.  This allows the restaurant to increase their sale and add a little to the bottom line while still allowing the customer to reuse the insulated tote for grocery shopping in the future.

They could also offer a promotion that if you reuse your bag then you might get something for free or a discount coupon on your next order.  The options are endless for this promotion designed to go after restaurant users who are new to carrying out but looking to keep the quality of the food the highest it can be.