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BBQ and Promo-part 1

Those who know me I am the king of 2 things. #1 is SWAG, promotional items, giveaways, takeaways, incentives, whatever you want to call them. The Promo Addict is my first love and nobody cares more about promotional merchandise than I do. #2 is BBQ. In the last 4 years I have won dozens of awards both Nationally and Internationally for competition BBQ. I have travelled across the continent multiple times to compete at Provincial, State, National and World Championships. I wish there was a competition for SWAG because I would throw my hat in the ring for sure (and I have great hats!) Check Them Out Here!

One of the greatest things about my hobby of competing in BBQ is that I get to mix my 2 passions together. Over the next couple of weeks I am going to be releasing a series of blog posts about the different promotional Items that I created for my own BBQ team and what they have done for me on the BBQ circuit and the benefits they have brought me in my Promotional business.

Todays post I want to focus on the logo design. We have an in house design team at The Promo Addict, so when I came up with the idea of having a team logo it was relatively easy to take what was in my head and get it onto paper and then have my vision converted into a vector logo and fun design that would translate well onto physical media like hats, t-shirts, uniforms aprons and more (lip balm?… stay tuned).

I started by sketching out what I wanted, which was a phoenix rising from the ashes of a BBQ. I then gave my sketch to our graphics department to get them to draw it up, what they did was no less than extraordinary. Here is the original logo design!

I have no doubt that in the near future we will be coming up with a more in depth version of the logo for when we can sublimate it or put it in full colour, but this logo has gotten us all kinds of accolades and looks great with the phoenix brand mark or just as the text on all kinds of things that we can produce at The Promo Addict which will be named in the upcoming series of posts, so please check back often on our social media or right here on the blog to see what’s next!