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2017 Top 20 Christmas Ideas

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!  It’s time to release our top 20 Christmas items of 2017.  Every year we compile a list of innovative, cool new items that we expect to be a hit with consumers and corporate buyers.  We try to hit low price points and higher price points and everything in between.  Don’t worry, if you don’t see something that works for you on here, reach out and we would be happy to put together a custom presentation in your budget!

Without further yammering, here is the list!

#1 Custom Coloured Candy in acetate boxes. Everyone loves Candy, but have you ever thought about matching candy to the colors of your business?  It brings on that little bit extra brand awareness to people when you give them an item with your logo and in your corporate colours.

#2 Brookstone vacuum wine sealers.  I usually drink the whole bottle when I open wine, but some people like to make it last.  This cool piece of technology automatically extracts the air from a partially finished bottle allowing it to be stored and keeping the wine fresh.

#3 Campster Growler/Wine Cooler.  Lots of companies like to give away liquor as a Christmas present.  This handy cooler is a great way to package that liquor so that you are not just packaging it into something that will get thrown into the garbage.  This wine cooler will stick around and get re-used over and over for years to come.

#4 Custom printed Candy Canes, they are an amazing entry level promo gift that is easy to give to everyone.  Their low price makes them appealing to just about everyone and are a great leave behind on customers Christmas trees or in larger volumes stuffed into a pen cup on the reception desk.

#5 Deluxe pour over coffee mug.  The pour over is considered by many to be the ultimate way to make coffee as can be proven by the prevalence of Chemex coffee brewers. This unique pouring system allows you to make 1 cup at a time as a pour over, great for any coffee connoisseur.

#6 Individually personalized chocolate bars.  INDIVIDUALLY….. ie. If you have a list of 50 clients we can design you a bar for your company and then custom cut each persons or companies name into the bars.  We are really taking personalization to the next level with this one and making each person on your list feel special.

#7 Casserole Cooler.  We have all been there, taking a casserole to a party and it’s hot, how do we transport it to the car to keep it hot and not burn ourselves?  This cool product will insulate your dish to keep it hot or cold on the car ride.  This is a cool new item because I think it solves a problem that we’ve all had before.

#8 Chalk Board coffee cups, these cool mugs come with chalk allowing you to draw your name or cool designs on your cup to identify it as your own.  Everyone owns lots of cups, but this one has found a unique way to stand out from the crowd (just like you!)

#9 Clearance winter jackets.  I get asked all the time if we have any deals on stuff and the answer is yes.  This year we have a deal while quantities last for this amazing winter jacket!  I was a fan of this jacket when it was near $200 each when it was released, and now is your chance to get it well under $100.  Good luck finding a deal like this after they are gone.

#10 Telescopic phone lense.  This lense will magnify your phone camera lense upto 8 times.  Great for shooting wildlife, sports, or maybe getting the perfect Instagram shot of your food.

#11 Packaging. This fluffy Christmas stocking is a great way to package lots of the other items on our list.  A mug is only a mug until you put it in a Christmas stocking, now it’s a Christmas present!  This is sure to grab the attention of your people and not let it go.

#12 Custom knit mittens.  These awesome mittens are custom knit in China in as few as 30 days! So if you do the math that means you have until Nov 23 to get your orders in, that’s later than ever before on custom knit items.  I do recommend getting your order in earlier though since you want to have time to give this stuff away.

#13 The sonosphear Bluetooth speaker is one of the most advanced promotional Bluetooth speakers I have ever seen.  It sounds amazing and has a massive imprint area on the front of the face. Great for companies with high end customers that want a gift with a higher value.

#14 Canvas Duffle with custom lining.  These awesome canvas duffels have the logo on the inside only.  They are hand made in the USA and come with a custom printed liner.  This extremely sturdy bag would be great for travelling or taking to the gym.  You can customize the colours of the zipper but you cannot print your logo on the outside.  If your customers see this bag they are guaranteed to ask “where did you get this amazing bag?”

   #15 This portable juice blender is a great gift for the health conscious clients who are always on the go.  With an internal rechargeable battery, this blender is sure to make quick work of smoothies and blended drinks for all occasions.

#16 Not a clearance jacket.  This performance jacket from Stormtech is sure to keep you warm everywhere you go, from downhill skiing to shovelling the driveway this jacket it rugged and comfortable for all occasions.

#17 Rugged coolers have taken the world by storm and these 50 qt coolers from Pelican are sure to last forever.  While far from inexpensive, these coolers will keep your clients happy for years to come and come in a bunch of shapes and sizes.  A great gift for the person who has everything.

#18 Epicurean cutting boards are considered by many to be the Rolls Royce of cutting boards.  Their natural non slip finish and soft texture make them a dream to work with in the kitchen.  This is guaranteed to be the best cutting board that your client will own.

#19 The sweatshirt blanket it exactly what it sound like.  It’s a blanket made out of the same material as your favourite sweatshirt.  It will remind you of sitting in front of the fireplace or campfire all “hoodied up” but with the freedom to squeeze another person under there.

#20 VR glasses.  If you’ve never tried them, you are missing out.  These glasses allow you to watch 3-D interactive videos on your smart phone or Netflix in perceived theatre style settings.  The technology built into our smartphones is amplified with the addition  of these simple headsets.